Cleo Malaysia February 2013



Can’t wait to get this copy of magazine, a Cleo Malaysia issue February 2013. There’s a lot of hot topics about fashions, tips, makeup, and the best part is , i like the freebies. I love some of free stuff, I wanna try to take part, wish me luck hehe. When purchased this copy, will get a free limited edition Lolly Lip gloss, so cute but I think it is more suitable for teenagers. I’m a big girl in 29 right now, maybe I will give this free lip gloss to my cousin’s sister.

New in my store..


A scented candles is in my stores now. Suitable as a gift, decoration or for your own home spa.

FM SW02 Scented Candle Peach


Scent that matches other products from the series spreads a wonderful aromarustic design makes it a great interior decoration. This scent is a sweet juicy combination of peach flowers
and fruit, making you more optimistic.

FM SW03 Scented Candle Cherry


Scent that matches other products from the series spreads a wonderful aromarustic design makes it a great interior decoration. Cherry blossom has a subtle beautiful scent. It relaxes and creates a great mood.
Weight: 430g

Only RM65.00 each (not including shipping) free shipping within Malaysia.
Just drop a comment here if interested, thanks.

Makeup Review: The Body Shop ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM


A masterpiece of make-up and skincare, All-In-One BB Cream possesses a lightweight formula that provides 24hr hydration and colour-adapts for a perfect match and a smooth, undetectable finish. It’s make-up and skincare in one. Don’t worry, it is suitable for all skin types.


About product..
All-In-One BB Cream is more than just make-up. Behind the scenes are hard working secret ingredients- including Community Fair Trade marula oil, humectants and Vitamin E – that care for skin too.
The secret? An innovative formulas features pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to skin, releasing the colour inside and transforming the pearly white cream to a colour that perfectly adapts to skin tone. Just blend one of our two shades for a perfect match to your exact skin tone.

Good ingredient inside..
Community Fair Trade Marula Oil – Is an effective moisturiser that also helps condition the skin over time. Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness.
Vitamin E – conditions, nourishes, and protects the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.

Add this fabulous All-In-One BB Cream to your skincare routine. Marula oil inside the product works to hydrate for 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and full of moisture.

Apply over moisturised skin and see the colour transformation, perfectly adapt to your skin tone. For increased coverage apply All-in-One Face Base.

Fo free makeup tutorial video, click here Perfect Make-up In 8 Minutes .

On my stereo this month!!



Best known for her interpretation of Hallelujah, this British recording artist and songwriter was exposed to music at an early age. She shot to stardom after winning the fifth series of British television series, The X Factor in 2008. After the success of her debut album Overcome, her big and strong voice continues to soar effortlessly in her second album. Heartbreak On Hold holds a different feel as compared to her first album. It gives out a light upbeat feel that is mixed with a hint of rave-style synths. Our favourites are Let It Go, Oh La La and What Money Can’t Buy.




Preparation time
20 Minutes

Cooking time
15 Minutes

3 – 4

10 stalks asparagus
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 – 5 cloves garlic,
roughly chopped 500g shelled prawns, halved lengthwise
Salt and pepper to taste
1 spring onion, sliced thinly
4 – 5 Chinese rice rolls (chee cheong fun)


Peel the lower ends of the asparagus stalks and cut the asparagus into 3cm lengths.
Bring a small pan of water to the boil. Cook asparagus for 2-3 minutes. Drain well.
Heat olive oil in a medium frying pan and cook garlic till it is just beginning to colour. Add prawns and sauté till they are pink and firm. Season to taste with salt and pepper, add the spring onion and remove from heat.
Scoop the filling onto the rice paper rolls, roll up and serve.. nyuummy.

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Must Read!!



What French Women Know by Debra Ollivier

There’s something about a French woman that puts her aside from (and sometimes above) other women. It could be the scarf, perfectly tousled hair or the effortless chic that adds up to that je ne sais quoi but underneath it all, the author relates, it’s simply that French women don’t give a damn.

There are no rules, and one just navigates how one sees fit. From sleeping with a man on a first date to embracing imperfections – the author invites readers to replace self consciousness, doubts and complexities with some joie de vivre.

Ollivier also provides provocative insights from knowledgeable women French, of course who bestow their expertise on how to love and make love.

A Makeup Story



Dior is a brand that I really admire because of the integrity and fascinating history. Dior is a symbolize style and feminism.

I love a minimal and natural makeup except when I’m attending an event such as wedding, annivesary or birthday party. It is more glamorous makeup on me. Fashion influences the style of makeup. The Trend Nude born for the first time at Dior runway then to the makeup line.

For me, the Diorskin Nude is the best natural makeup. It felt as the skin itself because it is light textured. Diorskin Nude foundation cream make your skin looks smooth without makeup on your face. Try this on your skin, feel the miracle.