Natalie Portman On The New Dior Rouge

“I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful“. Christian Dior. Dior Makeup Tutorial

Natalie Portman, the new Rouge Dior attitude. More on DIORMAG:
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A Makeup Story



Dior is a brand that I really admire because of the integrity and fascinating history. Dior is a symbolize style and feminism.

I love a minimal and natural makeup except when I’m attending an event such as wedding, annivesary or birthday party. It is more glamorous makeup on me. Fashion influences the style of makeup. The Trend Nude born for the first time at Dior runway then to the makeup line.

For me, the Diorskin Nude is the best natural makeup. It felt as the skin itself because it is light textured. Diorskin Nude foundation cream make your skin looks smooth without makeup on your face. Try this on your skin, feel the miracle.