A Party Kid’s Cake..

I’ve been so busy to handle my business online for a week, making a cakes ordered by a customer on my Facebook page. Now sitting on a chair with hot chocolate and making a fondant cake for my cousin’s birthday. When baking a cakes for my younger cousin, I choose to make a fondant party kid’s cake. I like to decorate it with icecream, chocolate ball and lollypop in fondant.

I love decorating a cakes since I learnt it from Cakes Decorating Secret . Its an easy step-by step ebook to follow. Theres too much on Youtube but there are no good quality videos. Sometimes I don’t understand, sometime it didin’t show us their recipes, their tools, lots of talking and more.

Ok below is my picture, if you interested on decorate cakes and learnt online. This is the best ebook ever.. Cake Decorating Secret .


Tomorrow I have a candy buffet order by a customer from Insta, do wait for the next entry. I will tell you on how easy to make a candy buffet. 🙂

Chocolate Fever

Cadbury is my favourite, wanna eat some chocolate in this late night just eat Cadbury Dairy Milk, sometimes I used the small size of Cadbury on my Cadbury Choc Moist cupcake. Father’s Day is on the way.A tips from me, you can now hide a secret message on your bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk to give that well-deserved surprise to dad in his chocolate this Father’s Day.


Cadbury Choc Moist cupcake by Zara Cake House Sandakan (The Zara Shopz)


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