Never Get Down..

Yes, that is me. Never get down haha. Well in Jan 2014, I’m dissapointed of wordpress. I dont know what to write. Always right about cakes and cakes anda cakes. People getting bored woth my articles. Then I have announce that I want to delete my wordpress account. But theres somebody still folllow me. Thanks buddy for following my boring wordpress. I think my planning to shut down this account is cancel.
Will try to make the good articles to make readers read it. Not because of people following but the first thing is, I still love my wordpress 🙂
Well, I’m back 🙂

After a months I didnt log in to wordpress, when i see wordpress now, Wow. Its new & beautiful. I just click update wordpress from Appstore then leave it. Keep on reading, try my best to post a good articles to you 🙂

Chanel fan since teenagers 🙂

A Party Kid’s Cake..

I’ve been so busy to handle my business online for a week, making a cakes ordered by a customer on my Facebook page. Now sitting on a chair with hot chocolate and making a fondant cake for my cousin’s birthday. When baking a cakes for my younger cousin, I choose to make a fondant party kid’s cake. I like to decorate it with icecream, chocolate ball and lollypop in fondant.

I love decorating a cakes since I learnt it from Cakes Decorating Secret . Its an easy step-by step ebook to follow. Theres too much on Youtube but there are no good quality videos. Sometimes I don’t understand, sometime it didin’t show us their recipes, their tools, lots of talking and more.

Ok below is my picture, if you interested on decorate cakes and learnt online. This is the best ebook ever.. Cake Decorating Secret .


Tomorrow I have a candy buffet order by a customer from Insta, do wait for the next entry. I will tell you on how easy to make a candy buffet. 🙂

A Rainbow Cake.. :-)

Today I making a Rainbow cake, order from my customer on Twitter. Yesterday, I making a buttercream for the Rainbow cake. This is one of my favourite cake because its colourful. Everytime I bake, I feel happy because baking is my theraphy beside shopping. I like to watch a Youtube and an ebook to learn more about baking. One of my creation, a Rainbow cake ordered by my customer from Twitter. Thank you very much to Miss Ina Halles. 🙂



Cake Decorating Genius (view mobile)

Before I starting my bakery business, I have learn many tips and recipes about cakes on the internet, ebook, cookbook and magazine. This is because I have no time to attend a cake courses because of to look after my baby at home. I’m a nursing mama, giving a breastfeeding to my baby. So I have no time to attending class and courses. I really love baking cakes and I choose to open online bakery through my blogspot and fanpage. Ok there are one of the best ebook that I found and purchased from the internet. Its about cake decorating. So many beautiful cake decorating here.

Cake Decorating Genius Is An E-book About Cake Decorating. It Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Cake Decorating. It Allows You To Produce Cakes That Look Professionally. You Can Master The Art Of Cake Decorations Through This Easy Ebook. On the ebook, you can learn easy simple step by step on how to decorating a cakes. Looks very easy and you can do it yourself at home through your own mobile. To find out more, you can click here.. Easy Cake Decorations

Whats a baking tips & tricks

Its now 2.25 am and I still can’t sleep. My baby already sleep and dreaming. So I online via my ipad and browse some recipes and then I found this Baking Tips and Tricks from Anne Willan. I think this is a helpful tips for me as a bakers. Well here it is..

Baking Tips and Tricks

1. Cooking times and temps can fluctuate from oven to oven, so trust your nose, eyes and touch above all.

2. Butter and flour cake pans for an excellent non-stick surface.

3. When lining a baking sheet with parchment paper, put a dab of butter at each corner to stick down the paper.

4. Never scrub sheet pans and cake pans as it ruins the surface so they stick. Simply wipe with a tea towel and watch them get better over time.

5. You know a bread loaf is done when a simple tap on the bottom crust sounds hollow.

6. A cake is done when it shrinks from the sides of the pan.

7. When slicing big cakes, set it on a round of cardboard to steady it before you start.

8. Use small deli cups for frosting and sprinkles. They’re cheap and functional for storage

By: Anne Willan

How to make Pumpkin Cake?


Pumpkin Cake
Show: French Food At Home2 Chef: Laura Calder Category: Dessert

Ease of Cooking: E
Yields: 8-10 servings

3 eggs, separated
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup corn flour
1 pound/500 g/2 cups butternut squash or pumpkin purée
1/4 cup/60 ml rum
Zest of 1 orange

Heat the oven to 350°F/175°C.
Grease and line a 9-inch/23-cm spring-form pan.
Beat the yolks and sugar until light and pale.
Beat in the cornstarch and corn flour until smooth.
Beat in the pumpkin, rum, and orange zest.
Finally, beat the whites into peaks.
Stir some into the pumpkin mixture to lighten it, then fold the pumpkin together with the remainder.
Pour into the pan and bake until done, 45 minutes to an hour.
Let the cake cool slightly, before running a knife around the edges of the pan and removing the sides.
Serve slightly warm (not too warm, or impossible to cut) with cinnamon whipped cream.

Back again..

Hi there,
I’m back again, ok its been long time I didn’t online here since I’m busy experimenting a new foods and plaining to doing a business bakery. I am not announced about my closing boutique. In this year on January, I closed my online boutique for some reasons. I like fashion but when joining a business fashion, its not easy like I think before. Less customer, poor in promoting and not reached a target or audience is a reason on why I closed my online boutique.

But it doesn’t matter for me, I will never give up. I love cooking & baking. And this is my hobby since in a childhood. I love experimenting a new foods from a recipes that I take from a tv shows, magazine, internet, my mum, friends & family and more. I always learn a tips on baking and cooking on internet and tv shows, sometimes from my hubby and my mum too. My hubby loves cooking too but he is more to a side dish. He doesn’t like baking but thank God that he is very understanding man, even he didn’t like baking, he always support me in what I’m interested. Thanks hubby. I do not like to cook dishes but I try to learn more recipes about dishes if there is an appropriate time to me. I prefer to cakes and desserts. I love baking cakes all the time. And now I try to make my own online bakery and selling my cakes around my neighborhoods.

My fanpage is still The Zara Shopz but I have deleted all my clothing albums and replace it with my cakes pictures. Don’t forget to visit my fanpage there. Hehehe. Ok the reminder is remind me for my favourite tv show, French Food At Home. I admired Laura Calder. She’s beautiful, gorgeous chef in the planet with a delicious foods and recipes that makes me hungry all the time. I like Anna Olson’s too, her recipes is so easy to follow and more delicious recipes on her shows. I can’t wait to watching her premmiere Bake with Anna Olson at Asian Food Channel on this Feb 12, next week after Chinese New Year celebration. Its the time now. See you all soon for more updates. Good night.

I’m Back

Hi, there its been a long time I didn’t updated my wordpress. So busy with my brother’s pre- wedding ceremony at my parent’s house. So my brother’s wed will be held on next year on March 2013. Thank God, I really happy for that because I still have a time to taking care of my body and face to look beautiful and attractive on the wedding day later hehehe. Looking beautiful with makeup is good but natural beauty is better. I don’t like to wear a makeup all the time during the ceremony except on nikah & wedding party.

Getting fat & have a pigmentation on my skin after giving birth my daughter is a nightmare to me. But I try my best to treat my face that there are few of pigmentation and acne scars and as well as trying to lose weight according to my ability. It’s hard for me to keep my diet and that is my weakness right now. Delicious foods is always all around me everyday. Hopefully my mission successful. And hope during that time, I can dress well, the dress fit to my body and of course my face will clean from pigmentation, acne scars, black spot and so on.


(Picture of mine after celebrate my younger brother’s simple birthday)

The curse of mommy is…

Well, I ‘m so envious of those mums who still look at their best even after they gave birth to their kids. As for me, I’m not fortunate enough to be like them. Right after I gave birth to my first daughter, I already gained a lot of weight, which hurts me a lot. So I was thinking of having a liposuction, soon to regain my sexy figure. My mum always said that I need to control my food now, don’t eat too much rice. But I can’t eat a slightly. Jealous to my cousin, she’ s hot, gorgeous, she’s everything pretty although she was a mum right now. Emmm what a life…