Justin Timberlake & ‘Take Back the Night

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Justin Timberlake had a sharp surprise when he realised that his song ‘Take Back the Night’ is also the name of a prominent sexual assault awareness group in the USA. Well, it doesn’t hurt to spread the word about it, Justin! And for anyone who wants to know more about Take Back the Night (the group, that is), please visit http://takebackthenight.org/


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The Sound Of Change


Even if you aren’t able to catch it in London, give your support to The Sound Of Change concert by watching it live together with 1 billion other viewers in 150 countries. Here in Malaysia, it’s airing live on Astro this June 1 2013. It’s all part of Gucci’s new CHIME FOR CHANGE global campaign for girls’ and women’s empowerment so don’t miss it! Read more about the Chime For Change campaign in the June issue of Marie Claire.