A Cake Project..

Hi readers, today I’ll show you another beautiful cakes from my baking project at the kitchen. Trying to make a Barbie doll cake request from my cousin. Actually, I’m planning to do this cake for a months but having a busy schedule makes me delay my plan. Learning from magazine, cook book is not easier as you think. My friend said “why not try to learn on Youtube”. I have learning on how to make a Barbie doll cake on Youtube but the result is failed. Most of the video doesn’t help too much. Sometime the video is good but they don’t tell us on what nozzle do they use, what ingredient on the cream or cake, where to find a a cake ingredient and more.

When I found an ebook, I learn it step by step. Its easy to follow the direction, it is more recipes inside and a beautiful decorating to be learnt. If you interested, you can click here for a recipes Cooking Course With 5 Hours Of Video Footage And Hundreds Of Cake Recipe . And here for the best cake decorating online Cake Business Decorating Secret

Ok, below is a decorations I made based on the ebook that I have learnt before. I love baking & decorating a cakes. The ebook that a showed the link above is helpful.

Barbie Doll cake..

Buttercream with Fondant decorating..

Rainbow cake with Fresh Cream..

Victoria Sandwich cake with Buttercream..

Lots of my cakes picture but I can’t upload more because of time. I have a lot of works to do. Stay tuned, be right back for the next entry 🙂

A lot of thanks: Cooking Course With 5 Hours Of Video Footage And Hundreds Of Cake Recipe and Cake Business Decorating Secret . A very helpful ebook. 🙂

Book Review: Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know

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Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know
by Jill Geisler
Management guru Jill Geisler provides a practical guide based on real-world experience, thorough research and lessons that will transform managers and their teams. Employing a workshop-in-a-book concept, Work Happy is designed to produce positive and lasting results. This is great tool for aspiring leaders and even an experienced manager as it takes management skills to the next level and proves that leadership and life at work can be made so much more fun.

Book of the Day ….

Set Yourself Free by Yap Ming Hui


Author, television personality, columnist and coach on money optimisation, Yap Ming Hui is back with his latest book Set Yourself Free. As the Managing Director of Whitman Independent Advisors, Yap assesses why middle class Malaysians have trouble achieving financial freedom in this book.


One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern


Known for her novel P.S. I Love You, Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern returns with A Hundred Names. Taking a different approach from previous works, A Hundred Names tells the story of Kitty Logan, a journalist whose career is going downhill until she stumbles upon a list of one hundred names in a file. She starts to track those people down to write that one story that she’s always wanted to write.

Must Read!!



What French Women Know by Debra Ollivier

There’s something about a French woman that puts her aside from (and sometimes above) other women. It could be the scarf, perfectly tousled hair or the effortless chic that adds up to that je ne sais quoi but underneath it all, the author relates, it’s simply that French women don’t give a damn.

There are no rules, and one just navigates how one sees fit. From sleeping with a man on a first date to embracing imperfections – the author invites readers to replace self consciousness, doubts and complexities with some joie de vivre.

Ollivier also provides provocative insights from knowledgeable women French, of course who bestow their expertise on how to love and make love.