The US President Is Finally Coming To Malaysia After 48 Years.

President Barack Obama will be making a historic trip to Malaysia from 26 April 2014 to 28 April 2014. US president Barack Obama has arrived in Malaysia for a three-day historic visit that is hoped to strengthen relations between the two countries to a ‘comprehensive partnership’. Obama, arriving in the Air Force One at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) airbase in Subang at 5pm Saturday, becomes the second US president to visit Malaysia after 48 years.


The 44th US president is due to meet the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara, where a state banquet is to be held tonight. The last sitting president in an official state visit Malaysia was Lyndon Johnson in 1966 to rally support for the US war in Vietnam. The visit is viewed by Putrajaya as one that will continue to build good rapport between the countries on areas such as “economy, security and people-to-people relations”. However, Obama is also facing pressure on areas such as human rights, democracy and religious issues.


First Lady Michelle will not be accompanying Obama, who was initially scheduled to visit Malaysia last October. The trip was postponed due to the budget standoff in Washington.

Mr Obama’s visit to the Muslim-majority country comes amid anti-US sentiment stoked by wild speculation in the government-controlled media over the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. This is despite the fact that US agencies have helped search for the plane and assisted the criminal investigation into the cause of its disappearance.


The government-owned Utusan Malaysia newspaper last month published a report claiming the US was involved in the plane’s disappearance in an elaborate plot to damage ties between Malaysia and China. The government took several days to refute the claim.

US officials said Friday that Obama did not plan to see Anwar while he is in Kuala Lumpur, marking the first visit by a sitting US president to the Southeast Asian nation in nearly half a century. They did not rule-out a lower level meeting.

US national security advisor Susan Rice said while Obama was unlikely to meet Anwar “there may be other engagements at other levels” without elaborating.

p/s: thanks for visiting my country, god bless you 🙂

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