Have you seen Man Of Steel?

Have you seen Man Of Steel? What do you think of Henry Cavill as Superman? Man of Steel is this summer’s must-see blockbuster regardless of what critics say.


Henry Cavill, brought the “cool factor” & portrayed the pain & struggles of his early years well. The movie is EXCELLENT & AMAZING in Imax 3D. I like the part whn he made peace & smiled eventually. Other actors e.g. Christopher Reeves brought another side of him. He shall always be a role model, a Super Man to many especially how he lived & move again after his tragic horse accident.

Good movie (although some part not logical like how did he move from odd-job worker to a reporter all of a sudden). I think it’s cool because the production opted for less bright colors, more masculine texture, and the “red underwear” stayed under the clothes this time. I also like the fact that he killed Zod (embracing the other side of being human).


I agreed that he’s like the best superman ever, and best superman movie yet, a different storyline.

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