[PHOTOS/REVIEW] New Samsung Camera Has 4G LTE and Runs On Android

Samsung has unveiled a brand new modern camera: The Galaxy NX. It’s loaded with 4G LTE among other heavyweight specifications that will either confuse you or leave you amazed.
Love it or not? For me, no comment, I just love taking pictures with other camera. 🙂 Let see the new Samsung camera launch in London yesterday.







Have you seen Man Of Steel?

Have you seen Man Of Steel? What do you think of Henry Cavill as Superman? Man of Steel is this summer’s must-see blockbuster regardless of what critics say.


Henry Cavill, brought the “cool factor” & portrayed the pain & struggles of his early years well. The movie is EXCELLENT & AMAZING in Imax 3D. I like the part whn he made peace & smiled eventually. Other actors e.g. Christopher Reeves brought another side of him. He shall always be a role model, a Super Man to many especially how he lived & move again after his tragic horse accident.

Good movie (although some part not logical like how did he move from odd-job worker to a reporter all of a sudden). I think it’s cool because the production opted for less bright colors, more masculine texture, and the “red underwear” stayed under the clothes this time. I also like the fact that he killed Zod (embracing the other side of being human).


I agreed that he’s like the best superman ever, and best superman movie yet, a different storyline.

Guide: Making Ice Cream

Making ice cream at home is rewarding and delicious. Get started now!
The Basics
The percent of milk fat, or cream, used in an ice cream influences the flavor and texture — too little cream (less than 10 percent) and it’s not even considered ice cream while too much will make the ice cream overly rich and heavy. Good balance is key, as you want a creamy texture but you don’t want to overwhelm the other flavors.
Ice Cream: There are two main styles of ice cream: French custard ice cream, which includes egg yolks cooked with the cream mixture, and the eggless Philadelphia-style ice cream.
Sorbet vs. Sherbet: Both are usually made with fruit as the main flavoring, but sorbet is made with sugar, water and fruit while sherbet is made with milk and cream (although with a lower percentage of fat than regular ice cream).
Gelato: This intensely flavored Italian treat can be made with or without cream but, with the focus on natural flavors, it usually has less fat and sugar than regular ice cream.

1- Ice Cream Machines
The smoothness of ice cream depends on the size of the ice crystals — this is why an ice cream machine is necessary. Its basic function is to turn the cream mixture and break up the ice crystals as the cream is freezing.
There are three styles of ice cream machines, each with a different freezing method: 1) rock salt and ice, 2) pre-frozen inserts and 3) built-in freezers.

2- Ice and Rock Salt Machines: The cream mixture is put into the inner container and ice and rock salt are layered around the outside (salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice, making it colder). Then the mixture is churned by a motor or by hand. These traditional machines can make large batches of smooth-textured ice cream, but they do require some effort.

3- Pre-Frozen Insert Machines: The most economical and accessible machines, the main drawback is that you need to plan ahead — the insert needs to be pre-frozen for 12 to 24 hours.
Built-In Freezer Machines: Easy to use, you just pour the cream mixture into the machine, press a button and wait for your freshly churned ice cream. But, they’re the most expensive type of ice cream machine and can also be quite large.

Candy Crush Doesn’t Have To Be A Mindless Grind

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I know what people thinking…

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