The school holidays are back..

Dear Mummy,

What better time than the school holidays to get your kids to indulge in outdoor activities!
Why are outdoor activities great for kids? My child is still baby, nevermind, the tips below can help us as a parents.

It will help them become more social, outgoing and have better mental growth and it’s far better than the activities like sitting for hours in front of the computer or television set.

Kids who indulge in outdoor sports have more energy and are physically fit because they were able to exercise and burn their calories. Additionally, it is in the outdoors that children are likely to burn the most calories, which among others may help prevent obesity, a heart disease.

Kids need some sun exposure; it’s the primary source of vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. Sunlight also stimulates the pineal gland which regulates the body clock and is a very important factor in upgrading a kid’s immune system. They become physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.

It also provides the opportunity to discover and explore new things, which can also give them the confidence to try to observe new things.

It provides great ways to have fun as a family together in the great outdoors and off the sofa.

Fortunately, our country is an ideal place for outdoor activities and we have listed a few suggestions for places you can go to encourage your children to explore and discover. Have fun!
All the National Parks and Recreational Parks.

~Zoos are always a favourite i.e. Zoo Negara.

~If your kids love waterfall, Kota Tinggi Waterfalls is the right place for family.

~Aquaria in KLCC is an impressive state-of-the-art aquarium.

~Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park a place where you and your kids watch thousands of spectacular butterflies fluttering freely.

~Batu Caves is an easily accessible place for kids to experience a massive limestone cave.

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