My lipbalm review: SebaMed Lip Defense SPF 30


Every time I would feel my lips it felt like a cracked desert and I could literally peel off chunks of dry skin. That sounds gross but it was exactly like that. My lips during this period were utterly painful as well and sometimes its bleeding itself. I hate this situation, not just ruin my lips but ruin my day too. When hang out with my family, I try to cover it with my lipstick then a lipgloss but it still doesn’t work until I found a new lipbalm when I shopping at Watson. Before that, I using The Body Shop born lippy balm but none of it worked for me.

The packaging is very simple & plain. Its easy to apply and a bit greasy. Perfect for slipping inside your bag or even your jean pocket when you’re on the go. I think it’s worth every ringgit. Below is the description about this lipbalm, enjoy read. I’ll always use this lipbalm before going to sleep. Best lipbalm ever. Good night.

Sebamed’s SPF 30 Lip Balm, works to support & protect the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle without preservatives. Complete lip therapy in a protective formula. A highly nourishing lip balm that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays, while ensuring optimal moisture balance and Triple Protection.

REGENERATES: dry and chapped lips quickly and effectively, alleviating irritation and inflammation with vitamin E.

NURTURES: sensitive lips with the intensive treatment properties of the essential plant extracts jojoba and rice bran, protecting them from dehydration.

DEFENDS: the tender lip tissue with UVA and UVB filters against sun burn and its consequences.

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