I’m Back

Hi, there its been a long time I didn’t updated my wordpress. So busy with my brother’s pre- wedding ceremony at my parent’s house. So my brother’s wed will be held on next year on March 2013. Thank God, I really happy for that because I still have a time to taking care of my body and face to look beautiful and attractive on the wedding day later hehehe. Looking beautiful with makeup is good but natural beauty is better. I don’t like to wear a makeup all the time during the ceremony except on nikah & wedding party.

Getting fat & have a pigmentation on my skin after giving birth my daughter is a nightmare to me. But I try my best to treat my face that there are few of pigmentation and acne scars and as well as trying to lose weight according to my ability. It’s hard for me to keep my diet and that is my weakness right now. Delicious foods is always all around me everyday. Hopefully my mission successful. And hope during that time, I can dress well, the dress fit to my body and of course my face will clean from pigmentation, acne scars, black spot and so on.


(Picture of mine after celebrate my younger brother’s simple birthday)

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