Makeup Review: The Body Shop ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM

A masterpiece of make-up and skincare, All-In-One BB Cream possesses a lightweight formula that provides 24hr hydration and colour-adapts for a perfect match and a smooth, undetectable finish. It’s make-up and skincare in one. Don’t worry, it is suitable for all skin types.


About product..
All-In-One BB Cream is more than just make-up. Behind the scenes are hard working secret ingredients- including Community Fair Trade marula oil, humectants and Vitamin E – that care for skin too.
The secret? An innovative formulas features pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to skin, releasing the colour inside and transforming the pearly white cream to a colour that perfectly adapts to skin tone. Just blend one of our two shades for a perfect match to your exact skin tone.

Good ingredient inside..
Community Fair Trade Marula Oil – Is an effective moisturiser that also helps condition the skin over time. Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness.
Vitamin E – conditions, nourishes, and protects the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy.

Add this fabulous All-In-One BB Cream to your skincare routine. Marula oil inside the product works to hydrate for 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and full of moisture.

Apply over moisturised skin and see the colour transformation, perfectly adapt to your skin tone. For increased coverage apply All-in-One Face Base.

Fo free makeup tutorial video, click here Perfect Make-up In 8 Minutes .

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