Dressing Right To Look Effortlessly Chic..(Do’s & Dont’s)..


(From How to dress my body?)

Matching shoes, belt and handbag
Throw this old fashion ‘rule’ out! Instead, opt for different colours and textures that make your outfit stand out.

Loose-fitting pencil skirts or pants
To look crisp and stylish in these wardrobe staples, these garments must fit your body well, your hems and fit around your hips.

Oversized, tailored men’s shirts
Fit is everything! Big shirts only hide your body and make you look bigger than you really are. If you like some space, choose a feminine cut, such as a tailored blouse that shows some silhouette.

These are matching sets of cardigans and tops that may look matronly than coordinated. For a better option, pair your plain cardigan with a printed dinner garment or vice versa.

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